Book Talk at Matayan Lan Fine Antique Maps, Atlases, and Globes – New York City
February 25, 2016  |  Watch on YouTube

skyscrapermuseumBook Talk at The Skyscraper Museum
39 Battery Place – New York, NY 10280
WATCH on YouTube

NEH workshop
“Clinton’s Ditch: The Erie Canal in Western New York”

Museum of the City of New York
“City Hall: The Vile Invention of a New York Bricklayer & a Santo Domingo Frenchman”


Gerard Koeppel presentation Mather High School (matherhsnyc.org) - Association of American Publishers Adopt-a-School program

Talking Grid at Mather High School (matherhsnyc.org) as part of the Association of American Publishers’ Adopt-a-School program


“Local Authors Paired with NYC Schools for Weeklong Adopt-a-School Program”
Association of American Publishers, article by  Marisa Bluestone, December 15, 2015   READ



Artist First Radio Network – Crime Beat with Ron Chepesiuk – December 4, 2020    LISTEN

The Leonard Lopate Show on WBAI Radio in New York   LISTEN

View Points Radio – August 23, 2020  LISTEN

Talk Radio Europe – July 30, 2020   LISTEN

WGTD’s The Morning Show with Greg Berg – July 11, 2020   LISTEN


The John Batchelor Show – February 5, 2016


The Leonard Lopate Show – January 21, 2015
Bringing Order to Chaos, or How Manhattan Got its Grid

The Mic 92.1 – Books and Beats    LISTEN
December 27, 2015

77 WABC Radio: Right Now with Doug McIntyre (from 9:15 to 18:00 in the audio file)     LISTEN

WAMC Northeast Radio
Conversation with Joe Donahue about “City on a Grid”     LISTEN

WGDT-FM  The Morning Show     LISTEN

Hark! radio – The Milt Rosenberg Show
“A Tale of Two Cities: Washington and New York” [GK begins at 49:02]   LISTEN

WNYC-FM – The Leonard Lopate Show
“Please Explain – New York City Water”



Erie: The Canal That Made America
Documentary begins airing  September 12, 2017


Gerard Koeppel on PBS TV


PBS Thirteen – Metrofocus     VIDEO
How NYC’s Roads Were Mapped Out
Interview with Mary Alice Williams – February 16, 2016


Gerard Koeppel on TV NY1 News


NY1 News –  VIDEO
Manhattan Week: Houston Street Pronunciation Traces Back to Revolutionary War Patriot



Gerard Koeppel TV History Channel


The History Channel – H2     VIDEO
United Stuff of America: Ultimate Engineering



Gerard Koeppel TV CSPAN

C-SPAN – 24 March 2009    VIDEO





Gerard Koeppel TV media New York Times LIVING


The New York Times – Living City – 16 October 2014     VIDEO